Flashback Friday: Machina II/the friends & enemies of modern music

Machina II is the sister album to the Smashing Pumpkins album Machina. It was limited to 25 hand-cut, hand-numbered, non-lacquered acetate copies, consisting of 3 10″ EPs and a double 12″ LP, 5 discs with a total of 25 songs.

SPFC.org owner Eric Agnew was one of the lucky recipients of this rare release and was instructed to “circulate and distribute the material [for free] as quickly as possible, as the band plan on playing some of it on their European tour, which starts next weekend”. In SPFC.org FAQ about Machina II it says “Virgin was not interested in releasing a followup to Machina, so rather than pack up their gear and go home, they recorded and released it themselves.”

A reissue of Machina II together with Machina is expected to come out in 2013, according to video Billy posted on the Smashing Pumpkins’ YouTube page.

You can download or stream any of the 4 public rips of Machina II for free on Archive.org.