Billy Corgan talks with Mojo Magazine

In the February issue of Mojo magazine, Billy Corgan talks about  a number of topics. He mentions his father’s reaction to the release of Siamese Dream and how “he understood something was happening and became more supportive, but then he became bitter. He went on to say that his father is “very talented and [that] it was very hard for him. He almost treated it like it was a gimmick, like I’d gotten lucky. Now he is like my number one fan so we have had this whole journey with him.”

Billy talked about how Jimmy’s first days with the band saying “Right away I could tell it was almost like he was playing dumb. We had one heavyish song and he was playing it without breaking sweat when any other drummer would have been huffing and puffing, so it wasn’t too long before we sold our Jazz Chorus amps – which were the alternative amp of choice – and we got Marshall half-stacks. The louder we played, the louder he played. He was always one step ahead of us. There was nothing Jimmy couldn’t do. Jimmy is an incredible emotional interpreter of the song, He would bring these emotional swells, almost like an orchestral swish, to what we were doing.”

When he reflected on working with Courtney Love on Hole’s album Celebrity Skin, he said “Honestly, I really enjoyed working with her during that time. I think that is why the music was good. It was the last…well, that’s not true (hesitating)…it was one of the few times we sort of connected about something we both believed in. Of course, she later turned it to shit, like she does everything she touches, but it is actually a good memory for me.”

When asked about Machina and if he was on a quest from something higher, Billy said “That’s a really good question because I honestly haven’t thought about that, what the fuck was I even trying to say. I was immensely disappointed with where the band ended up so I went into this Polly Anna-ish fantasy where the band was going to reform, Jimmy was going to come back, we would make one more record and end on a really happy note. The way I was going to deal with all of my feelings and disappointment about the band ending was by writing this concept record which was going to both describe the inner and outer experience of being in the band.”

Billy also discussed what he was trying to achieve with Zwan, why the Pumpkins reformed and what would he change if he could go back to the past. He said “I would have left the band after Jonathan died. I would have gotten the hell out. ”

Thanks to Arachnea from the o-board for transcribing the article! You can read the whole thing here.