Flashback Friday: Music by Andrew Zuckerman

Photo by Andrew Zuckerman

Back in November of 2009, Andrew Zuckerman tweeted that he had “another inspiring session for the MUSIC project with Billy Corgan”. The MUSIC project was a book that Andrew was working on where he interviewed a number of musical artist including Billy Corgan. The book was released in October 2010, and contained the full interview with Billy Corgan in text along with 2 large high-quality pictures. In addition, a 50+ minute film featuring segments of all the other artists was included with the book (via an online download).

The book originally retailed for $50 and is currently being sold to American buyers on Amazon for $2.70 (new).

Others artist included Ozzy Osbourne, Lenny Kravitz, David Crosby and Iggy Pop.

Recently, ByStarlight’s YouTube page added the parts with Billy Corgan from the film online (1, 2, 3).