Mike Byrne interview with MusicRadar.com

In an interview with MusicRadar.com, Mike talks about when he became a fan of the Smashing Pumpkins and his reaction to becoming the band’s new drummer. When it came to recording in a studio for the first time, Mike said “I’d never been in a real professional studio so I had to learn the tricks of the trade and make it sound articulate like Jimmy was capable of doing.”

On a favorite moment while recording Oceania, Mike said it was when he was recording the drums for Quasar “by the time I was finished they called me into the control room and we’d done it on the first take. That was the happiest surprise of the three weeks. We did the whole record click free. There’s stuff that’s programmed but any time you hear acoustic kit is all click-less, which was a real interesting challenge but it makes the pockets seem much more natural.”

Mike ended by saying “around March you’ll start seeing us again, we’re not sure how exactly we’ll promote the record but it’ll be something extravagant”.