Flashback Friday: Spirits in the Sky

Following the departure of Jimmy Chamberlin in March 2009, the Smashing Pumpkins were gearing up to start a new album but they first needed a new drummer. From a search on the Internet, Billy Corgan met teenage drummer Mike Byrne who would later on take over duties at drums.

In late June, friend of the band Sky Saxon passed away and Billy Corgan played with Mike Byrne and other friends of the Pumpkins (Kerry Brown, Kevin Dippold, Mark Tullin & Mark Weitz) at a tribute show in July under the name of Spirits in the Sky.

Two month later, Spirits in the Sky returned with a few new addition, including famed Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro along with Linda Strawberry and Ysanne Spevack. Together, they played 6 small shows in southern California, as well as a private show at Kerry Brown’s home.

Later, five of the songs originally played at Spirits in the Sky shows were released on the Smashing Pumpkins’ new album Teargarden by Kaleidyscope. The songs are Astral Planes, Widow Wake My Mind, A Stitch in Time, Freak and The Fellowship.

The video below is the full Spirits in the Sky concert from August 27th, 2009. You can download the audio for the show here.

Here is a collection of 260 pictures from this era, along with links to other full concerts and Spirits in the Sky songs.