Flashback Friday: The Smashing Pumpkin Show at the Avalon August 10th 1988

On August 10th, 1988, The Smashing Pumpkins played a show consisting of Billy Corgan on guitar and vocals, James Iha on guitar, and newcomer D’arcy on bass at the Avalon backed by a drum machine (perhaps this guy). Just one month earlier, Billy and James played a show at a Polish disco named Chicago 21 where Billy was on bass and vocals, James played guitar, and a drum machine backed them up.

The set consisted of ten songs, of which a majority (at least currently known) would never be played again live – such as Arm to the Teeth and Holiday.

In 1999, Billy sent a copy of this show to fan Dave Assilen, along with the letter on the left that was later given out to fans. Today, you can download this show from Archive.org for free.

So set your clocks back some 23 years and listen to how it all started: