The Smashing Pumpkins eBay store adds personalized signed posters for buyers

The Smashing Pumpkins official eBay store  have added old gear from their stock pile pretty regularly. Today, the store added something new: a number of vintage Smashing Pumpkins posters with a personal bonus. Indeed, the description reads:
“This poster will be hand signed and personalized by Billy Corgan. A very rare and unique opportunity to add an amazing piece of of rock history to your Smashing Pumpkins collection.

Each personalized and autographed poster comes with a certificate of authenticity from The Smashing Pumpkins.

Please provide the correct spelling of the name/names that you would like personalized on the checkout page.

One back stage pass from the shown picture will be included with each poster purchase. That pass will be randomly selected.”

Each of the 13 posters are “Buy Now” at a cool thousand dollars or you can make an offer.