A Smashing Pumpkins review of 2011

Cookies & Picture by Nicole Cleghorn

2011 is about to come to an end, but we had 12 delicious months of Smashing Pumpkins news. Crestfallen.com made a timeline of some of the most interesting Smashing Pumpkins stories of 2011 – from the release of “The Fellowship” to the announcement of Billy’s Tea House. We wish everyone a Happy New Year!


12th: “The Fellowship” becomes available on SmashingPumpkins.com for download


3rd: We learned that the theme song for the Chicago Code TV show would be sung by Billy Corgan

11th: D’arcy shows up in news for drunk driving

18th: Nicole claims to be one of the girls from the Siamese Dream cover

21st: A video of Billy Corgan playing Lightning Strikes (Acoustic) is posted online

26th: Jimmy Chamberlin’s new band THIS has name change to Skysaw

26th: The unexpected passing of Mark Tulin


10th: Nicole is interviewed for an online video called “Field Trip

13th: Billy Corgan creates a private Facebook page

17th: Lightning Strikes is released via RollingStone.com

28th: Skysaw starts a US tour starting in Los Angeles


6th: One of the four original ZERO shirts goes up for auction to raise funds for the Japan earthquake/tsunami

21st: The ZERO shirt sells for almost $7000

22nd: Skysaw extends its US tour

24th: Nicole’s side project, The Cold and Lovely, releases its first track

26th: The announcement of Oceania as an “album within an album”, and plans for remastered and reissued Gish to Machina II with EMI

27th: Skysaw ‘s album starts streaming online


3rd: The song Owata is released via LAWeekly.com

10th: It is announced that Owata will have a music video starring wrestlers

25th: Jimmy Chamberlin says that he thinks Mike is a great drummer

25th: Crestfallen.com launches

26th: The Owata video shoot starts

27th: On the second day of shooting for Owata, Billy Corgan plays 1979 and Disarm on an old piano

27th: Billy Corgan’s private facebook account reveals a public post about a song called Chimera

28th: Gish celebrates its 20th anniversary

31st: Kerry Brown goes to Capitol Records and starts transferring the archived Smashing Pumpkins material


1st: A tentative tracklist for Oceania is released

1st: Crestfallen.com’s 1st radio show

2nd: The drumming for Oceania is completed

3rd: The Smashing Pumpkins announce a US and Europe tour starting in October

7th: Billy Corgan makes a post about the archive project – later to be known as The Smashing Pumpkins Record Club (SPRC)

15th: Crestfallen.com’s 2nd radio show

18th: Billy Corgan sings Take Me Out to the Ball Game at a Cubs game during the 7th inning stretch

20th: Chicago Live! announces Billy Corgan as a future guest

20th: A picture of the Oceania whiteboard appears on the Smashing Pumpkins’ facebook page

20th: The Smashing Pumpkins auction off signed merchandise to raise funds for the tornado victims of Western Massachusetts

21st: The bass tracking for Oceania is completed

22nd: ByStarlight.org starts uploading pictures for its July opening

29th: The full length version of the Owata music video premieres

30th: Crestfallen.com’s 3rd radio show


11th: The director of the Owata video, Robby Starbuck, talks to fansite thePumpkins.net

19th: A more traditional length music video of Owata is released

19th: Skysaw releases a music video for No One Can Tell

20th: It is announced that Billy Corgan will be the Creative Director for new wresting promotion Resistance Pro

21st: Billy Corgan is interviewed on Chicago Live! and plays Owata (Acoustic)


2nd: Crestfallen.com’s 4th Radio show with unexpected guest Billy Corgan

8th: Mike Byrne’s band Bearrcubbin releases an EP titled Get Your Heavies Out

12th: The US tour dates are announced with the first show planned in Los Angeles on Oct 5th

13th: Resistance Pro announces their 1st wrestling event as Black Friday for November 25th, 2011

17th: The Smashing Pumpkins begin rehearsals for their fall tour

17th: SPRC announces that their launch will be marked with a free track

18th : The pre-sale tickets for the US tour begins

18th: Crestfallen.com’s 5th Radio Show

18th: There is news of a bonus disc of B-Sides and a DVD for the upcoming reissues of Gish and Siamese Dream

20th: There is an announcement that a demo of Drown will be SPRC’s 1st release, and that Oceania is expected to be mixed by October and digitally released by November

22nd: Bill’s Corner launches on Crestfallen.com

24th: There is an announcement of SP fan meetings before the US shows

25th: The Europe tour dates are announced

31st: SPRC launches with the release of Drown 8 Track demo


9th: SPRC releases a 2nd track called Barb Wire (known to fans as Tullips)

12th: SPRC announced that they were looking to buy early videos and photos of the band

13th: Crestfallen.com’s 6th Radio show with special guest Kerry Brown

17th: The recording process for Oceania is completed

19th: Billy Corgan mentions that some old songs will be given a fresh mix for upcoming reissues

26th: A Billboard.com interview with Billy Corgan is thought to say that if Oceania fails – the Pumpkins would disband

28th: The Smashing Pumpkins add a show in Omaha to the US tour


3rd: Billy Corgan clarifies on Bill’s Corner a misinterpreted quote on Billboard.com

3rd: The Smashing Pumpkins do a Q&A with @LiveNation on twitter

5th: The Smashing Pumpkins begin the US tour in Los Angeles

7th: Crestfallen.com starts Flashback Friday

9th: Crestfallen.com & Bystarlight.org start a tour blog

10th: A special Bill’s Corner with a 20-minute video interview with Billy Corgan

11th:  A Rhinoceros “version 2” demo is released by SPRC

12th: Crestfallen.com’s 7th radio show

12th: The Pisces Iscariot reissues is expected to be released on Record Store Day 2012

14th: Catherine performs with Smashing Pumpkins in Chicago

14th: The artwork for the Gish and Siamese Dream reissues is revealed

17th: Billy, Mike & Nicole make surprise appearances at SPRC fan meetings

17th: The reissues go for pre-order on SmashingPumpkins.com with the release of a bonus track Frail and Bedazzled (Instrumental Demo)

18th: Bonus material is added to the SPRC USBs with live soundboard recordings

18th: James Iha announces that his 2nd solo album is on the horizon

28th: Billy Corgan plays the fresh mix of Starla on Sirius XM Radio

28th: Billy Corgan wishes fans a Happy Halloween as he signs a pumpkin


7th: The Smashing Pumpkins announce the postponement of all Germany shows except the one in Berlin and they adds a show in Prague

14th: Billy Corgan tells Crestfallen.com that Oceania is likely to be released in March 2012 after positive feedback from people in the music business

17th: 4 tracks from the Gish and Siamese Dream bonus discs are put online by 107.7 The End

20th: JBTV broadcasts a show about the Smashing Pumpkins

21st: Billy Corgan is on Zane Lowe’s Materpieces and the reissue of Siamese Dream is broadcasted

21st: Crestfallen.com launches new twitter feed @CrestfallenNews

22nd: A Billy Corgan interview with Matt Pinfield about the reissues goes live

25th: Resistance Pro launches its first show

28th: The last Bill’s Corner on Crestfallen.com

29th: A video featuring Billy Corgan discussing the upcoming reissues is released


1st: Crestfallen.com’s 8th radio show

6th: Bearcubbin’s tour is cancelled

7th: Billy Corgan mentions Translucent and There It Goes as tracks that might end up on the Pisces Iscariot reissue

7th: Fans who ordered the physical reissues from the official Smashing Pumpkins website are promised a special gift for the inconvenience of late deliveries

9th: The Smashing Pumpkins 2 month tour of the United States and Europe comes to an end

10th: Billy Corgan announces via twitter of a free acoustic show that he would play at a Lisbon cafe

15th: Billy Corgan announces that he plans to open a tea shop in Chicago

15th: Billy Corgan continues to look over old tracks for the upcoming reissue of Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

22nd: James Iha announces that his solo album will be reissued by EMI

23rd: SPRC releases a track called Have Faithe, Be Merrie

28th: Billy Corgan’s tea house to open in the Spring of 2012 in Highland Park, Illinois