Tea House to Open This Spring

Billy tweeted a link this morning to an article in the Chicago Eater providing more details about the tea house he is planning to open.  The article  mentions that it will seat about 30 people and have a 1930s Chinese-style tea house vibe.  Billy explains “We want to open it because there’s nothing really to do up here, [there’s a] lack of culture for someone in their 30s or 40s. I think for such a nice place (Highland Park) you need places to go and meet people and exchange ideas. That’s the idea for the tea house … a place to gather.”  He goes on to say that friends from the Ravinia Wine Shop across the street are acting as managers , and it sounds as though he would prefer to remain in the background. There is a theme of constant change in everything from the art, to discussion topics,  to the teas being served.