Billy Corgan talks about the reissues and future Oceania release with Chicago vs United

Billy talked with Jamie Black of Chicago verse United about the recent Smashing Pumpkins reissues of Gish and Siamese Dream. In the article when Billy is asked if he found himself second guessing about the music on the two album he said “…I could easily argue that Gish has one or two songs that could have been swapped out for others. But that’s easy to say now; back then writing songs was a more a strange, mystical journey for me. I couldn’t write a good one unless the moon was in the right spot in the night sky.”

And when asked how he feels about the future reissues and upcoming Oceania album Billy replied “I’m feeling very optimistic about the next few years ahead of us musically. As long as the music is strong in the present, the rest will follow as it should. I’m really blessed to have had such an incredible life in and out of the Pumpkins. It is nice of course to revisit the past in a warm way with the reissues, but my mind is always pointed forward in the worst way. As my grandmother Lillian (who incidentally is about to turn 100!) says, ‘move or die.'”