Flashback Friday: D’arcy

When D’arcy met Billy Corgan they started with arguement about a band that had just performed at the Metro. D’arcy explained how she was a musician, which lead Billy offered her the chance to play in his band.

The last time we heard from D’arcy was in 2009 when she called into Q101. As well as for her arrest since exiting the band. But let’s reflect on her fondly as the original bass player for Smashing Pumpkins.

D’arcy joined the Pumpkins and continued to be very vocal with Billy, particular about the band’s music. Billy Corgan had said “D’arcy was probably the person in the band with the highest taste. It doesn’t mean I agreed with everything she listened to but she had a very… almost snobby taste about music and it was D’arcy who often times would say  ‘no, that’s too cheesy’,  ‘no, that’s too lame’ and her opinion carried a lot of weight in the band…. there was time where she absolutely steered the direction of the band left when it was easily going to go right.”

As a woman of rock among a bunch of boys she was admired by female fans for her playing in a rock band. In an interview from 1994 where Billy is interviewing D’arcy they talk a little bit about it. And how she gets letters from fans thanking her on the subject.

We wish D’arcy the best-