Billy Corgan Interview with Matt Pinfield

 Billy Corgan sat down with Matt Pinfield recently for a little over an hour interview that features6 different segments. A big thanks to Michael Parrish for the heads up.

Segment 1 – This portion contains a wide-range of topics including (1) the reason for the reissues (2) working with Bob Ludwig (3) Billy’s relationship with the rest of the band (4) putting the Gish-era in perspective (5) “Drown” and the “Singles” soundtrack
Segment 2 – This portion includes (1) working with Butch Vig (2) picking out songs for the bonus discs (3) the song “Honeyspider” and the influence of shoegazer music (4) putting the Siamese Dream-era in perspective (5) the internal relationships between band members during Siamese Dream (6) James Iha and D’arcy Wretzky’s influence on the band’s musical direction
Segment 3 – This portion discusses (1) the song “Siamese Dream” (2) the true meaning of the band’s name (3) the packaging of the reissues (4) the accompanying DVD performances from The Metro in Chicago (5) the influence of the Alt Rock movement on Billy (6) what the Billy of today would tell the Billy of the early ’90s (7) bonus track differences from Pisces Iscariot
Segment 4 – This features Billy discussing select tracks from Gish, including “I Am One,” “Rhinoceros,” “Siva,” “Snail,” “Bury Me,” and “Tristessa”
Segment 5 – This features Billy discussing select tracks from Siamese Dream, including “Cherub Rock,” “Today,” “Disarm,” “Rocket,” “Geek U.S.A.,” “Quiet,” “Mayonaise,” and “Spaceboy.” The discussion gets particularly intimate with Billy discussing his relationship with his father, and being an abused child.
Segment 6 – Looking to the future, Billy discusses the new Smashing Pumpkins release, Oceania, coming out in 2012 and its roots in progressive rock.


  1. I love to hear Billy speak about all of the many facets of the early band’s relationship – especially the mutual support, shared artistic vision, etc. People get so caught up in the contentious aspects of their relationships, and how fractured they have become over so many years – it’s nice to hear that it wasn’t all bad. It also underscores how much of a shame it is that the realities of the relationships today are such that they couldn’t all share the glory of this reissue celebration. Perhaps someday, everyone will be able to make peace with the past for the sake of a more compassionate, empathetic, and civil future… Love to all Pumpkins, past and present – you are all Smashing to me in your own unique ways – and on Thanksgiving, I wish to acknowledge my thanks for so many years of such great music!
    Rawk on 🙂

  2. Also, I hope he does another interview like this when MCIS is re-released, and he explains what the hell was going through his head when he wrote X.Y.U. 😛

  3. I wonder why Butch Vig isn’t participating in the promotion for this album.. he was a big part of the promotion for the Nevermind anniversary interviews

  4. Lol – Good point. I wonder why he hasn’t either.

    This was a great interview and yes, I really really hope we get the same insights to MCIS, Adore, and even Machina. Although, I do wonder if they would reissue Machina. It would be cool if they had a reissue with Machina I and II…

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