Smashing Pumpkins JBTV Special Online

You can now watch a 47-minute JBTV retrospective on the alternative rock legends from Chicago featuring rare interviews, previously unseen footage and live performances by the Smashing Pumpkins, Billy Corgan (during TheFutureEmbrace era) and Zwan.

The feature begins with an interview with Joe Shanahan, and he introduces footage of the Smashing Pumpkins playing Cherub Rock and Today at the Metro on August 14th, 1993. There is also an interview where Billy Corgan discusses his generally positive experience in making the music video for Disarm. He then contrasts that experience with some of the setbacks that occurred on the set of the Today music video.

The JBTV retrospective then shows some heavy renditions of Zero and Ava Adore at the Metro in December 1999. Those performances are EPIC and are a must-see! The video then jumps to a short interview with Zwan and a performance at The Museum of Science and Industry in 2003. There is also footage of Billy Corgan during TheFutureEmbrace era performing All Things Change at the Vic Theater in 2005. He must have had some kind of finger-bleeding solo earlier in the show – ouch! The video ends with an acoustic Smashing Pumpkins performance of 1979 at the Metro in 1999.


  1. I’ve just watched the show.
    Very interesting interview of Billy about the Siamese dream era videos.
    Disarm is actually one of the very few music videos I remember seeing for the first time. I can still picture myself positively struck by the aesthetic of it.

    Thanks JBTV and thanks Crestafllen board for posting this.

  2. I think a second part of the retrospective will be aired next week. I’ve read this somewhere but I can’t remember exactly where…(my brain is not getting any younger!)

    Can anyone confirm this please ?

    Looking forward to watching it !

  3. Thanks for the link! I agree, I find it interesting that there is no material post-2005. Nothing on Zeitgeist or the current lineup or all the wonderful/not-so-wonderful moments in between. Oh well, maybe next time…

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