Billy Corgan says “All concerts may not be magical orgasms” according to Google translation of Norway website

In an interview that Billy Corgan had with a (tabloid) newspaper, Dagbladet of Norway, Billy talks about the last time the band came around to Oslo and when critics said that the band  appeared to be on autopilot and that Billy was crotchety and grumpy. To this Billy replied, “All concerts may not be magical orgasms. It kills the music and make(s) (the) younger concert audience spoiled.” He went on to say, “It is a childish idea that I must be in a good mood on stage. Of course I want people to have it nice. But I do not think people come to see me be nice…  I try to appreciate that people sacrifice anything to get (into) our gigs. But I’m not a monkey on a leash. When the audience enters the door, I will take them on a journey.”

Billy then talked about being happy, saying, “I am happier now than I used to be. In the nineties I was a different person. I was homeless, used drugs and was pretty crazy. I loved the nineties, but now I am more peaceful.”


  1. I can relate to this, can’t be on all the time,, I mean we bust our ass, just have to be pissed on,, if people have to bitch and moan,, stay at home,, us fans need to chill, let the bro man do his Jimi Morrison,, thingy,, damn, SP fans quit the bitchin,, – Sammy Sosa

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