Bill’s Corner: The Europe Tour What are you looking forward to in Europe?

Billy: Going to Europe this trip, I am looking forward to encountering the same sort of hesitation about the band we saw in America last year. It’s been 3 years since our last tour over there, and I can sense already that there is a moribund perception of where people might ‘think’ we are, which is somewhere between half-dead and half-alive. Let’s just say anyone who is not ready for what we know is coming is in for a Halloween worthy surprise.


  1. it means monte asked another boring ass question and billy’s answer was similarly vanilla

    don’t get excited for any type of halloween related hi-jinks; he’s just saying that the euro crowds are in for a big surprise if they are expecting the band to be anything but tight & rawkin

  2. The Pumpkins put on an amazing show in DC as well as the other stops of the tour in the US. I’m sure the crowds in Europe will love the shows. Nicole and Jeff are pure and solid, but I think the big surprise is Mike. His drumming has vastly improved. I’m not saying he sucked before because he’s amazing, but you can hear more of him now than before. Like stepping out of Jimmy’s shadow. Damn I wish I could go to Europe…

  3. @Sylvester

    hope so 🙂 gonna see them in Padova next month. hope they keep this amazing setlist and don’t add a cover ala “Set the controls”

  4. I have the impression (but I may be totally wrong !!) that the band feels a little bit under pressure concerning EU shows. I am on the contrary convinced that Europe is ready for a genuine reunion with the SP, and I am expecting the best for the european tour. It is true that a release of Oceania prior to the tour may have brought new fans near the stages and may have encouraged older fans to be a little bit more demonstrative but honestly the finest pumpkin sound is massively in demand around here !
    Let’s hope that this hint of pressure will drive the band to bring a little seducing “je ne sais quoi” to the shows !

    To be honest I ‘d say that I am one of those EU fans who have been hibernating during the years 2000 (for many reasons not necessarily linked to the SP’s music by the way) but I am now definitely back in and my feelings towards the music of the band remain intact. 2011 opened a new pumpkin era in my life and consequently I bought my tickets for the show in Paris a long time ago. I hope to be able to write a review for the tour blog and provide with some pics by the way.

    In a word : Fans from EU get at work to bring support to the Oceania tour ! WE are going to offer a rawkin’ experience to the pumpkins ! 😉

  5. I loved the way Billy answered that. Vague and short, but very, very confident. And zenith… did you not see one of this year’s concerts? It was EXTREMELY tight and rockin’. Nothing but good vibes from the fans and concert-goers.

  6. I really can’t wait for the Glasgow show. I’ve been watching some of the videos from the US dates on YouTube and I’m more excited about this show than I was the last time they were here back in 2008!!

  7. i have also saw them last in 2008 … cannot wait. by the way does anyone know what kind of t-shirts are they selling on this tour?

  8. Good good good good vibrations… 😉

    By the way I am not a native english speaker but I think zenith did meant that the band was “tight and rawkin’ ” this year… Am I wrong ?

  9. You cannot imagine how much I would have loved to attend a show in the US !! But I live in Paris and I cannot even make it to Brussels :-(. Shame on me (and on my time schedule)).
    I will therefore attend only one show this year (the one in Paris -I think you had guessed-) and I hope it is going to blow the roof off.

    The Zenith in Paris is anyway a very good concert place, dedicated to and designed for rock bands only baby ! (so much better than Bercy for those who know both places)

  10. you are correct

    euro crowds are in for a treat. there will probably be some minor differences in the euro shows but the band is nice and warmed up now and the shows will be amaaazing

  11. there are some pictures of the merch table around the web if you look hard enough

    the shirts at the u.s. shows included:

    black zero shirt
    black shirt w purple SD era heart (womens) (very cool)
    white shirt w red SD era heart (mens) (repro of the early SD era shirt but i dont think this one has the words on the back)
    teal tour shirt w the poster/bc shirt artwork
    black shirt w generic round sp logo
    white shirt w the kaleidyscope tour logo on the front and dates on back

    thats the best of my memory at the moment

  12. LOL Sophie. When I reread it after I posted this, I understood what he meant. A non-native speaker understands better than a native speaker! 😛 🙂

  13. I saw the Pumpkins in both Chicago and Milwaukee and this current show is a dream come true. Reading the setlists and watching youtube videos is less than a pale shadow of the reality. Whereas the 2008 and 2010 tours I felt like I was kind of ticking boxes of what songs they were playing, this tour felt like a real Experience…. two+ hours of magic to get lost in.

  14. Waow ! It’s great to read that concert goers attended a wonderful show.

    Yet stop teasing me or I won’t make it until next week ! 😉 I can’t wait to be there, I feel like a child on Christmas eve (but I’m not young anymore…).

  15. As far as the European tour is concerned, I just noticed that three out of five German tour dates (Cologne, Offenbach and Munich) have been removed from the Tour Info page… lists a date in Prague instead, but with no sales info yet. Probably tickets were not selling all too well for those German shows… Which makes me very sad :-(. Fortunately, the Berlin show is still on the schedule – I’ll be there :-).

  16. It’s a similar story here in the U.K. None of the 7 dates have sold out yet. To be honest my first thought was that 7 dates was pushing it a bit…I know they are playing smaller venues this time round, but I don’t think their commercial standing is strong enough right now to warrant a full tour.

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