Flashback Friday! Billy Corgan goes on a solo media stop at Studio Pop

Do you remember TheFutureEmbrace era? To be honest, I don’t know it as well as I should. With the end of the Smashing Pumpkins and my limited following of Zwan, I didn’t stay on top of the media as much as I do now. I found this little interview where Billy Corgan talks about his confessions blog & his new album TheFutureEmbrace.


  1. Great interview that I had missed too.
    Many interesting topics especially at the end.

    I like the moment when Billy says that the genuine talent of an artist lies in his soul and not only in his playing skills for instance meaning that he is not restricted to a single way of expression. It is a very personal point of view and reveals a lot about Billy as an artist. It is also a very positive point of view because it allows you to re-new yourself whatever you did before.

    In this interview Billy tends to say that his objectives as an artist may not be the perfection in the execution (consuming obsession !), but more to find a way to express raw emotions in a relatively spontaneous way (2h to write a song, dammit !). In the meantime he also appears to be trying to decypher the mysterious ways in which the humanity (he?) moves by means of a long and painful self-introspection, and tells that art is just somehow a catharsis for all the frustration induced (I’m thinking of the ice-cream jar metaphor here). Where is the spontaneity here ? Plus we all know that his materials are the result of hard work and dedication.

    Quite contradictory eh ? Oh the artists ! 😉

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