Billy Corgan to take over SiriusXM Radio

While Billy Corgan was in New York on Oct 18th, he dropped in at SiriusXM to apparently record a 1hr show on Lithium. According to SiriusXM, Billy will take charge of the Lithium station and play tracks from Gish and Siamese Dream plus music that inspired him during the creation of the two albums. He’ll also be talking about the reissues’ bonus tracks and Oceania.

The program is scheduled to air on Fri. Oct. 28 6 pm ET, Sat. Oct. 29 12 pm ET, Sun Oct. 30 9 pm ET, Mon. Oct. 31 6 am ET, Mon. Oct. 31 12 pm ET, Mon. Oct. 31 6 pm ET & Tuesday Nov. 1 12 am ET.

Side Note: I find it amusing that Life magazine published the picture of Billy with the subtitle of  “Sarah Brokaw, Chris Isaak & Cosmo’s 50 Hottest Bachelors 2011 Visit SiriusXM

thanks to Christopher for the tip

UPDATE: Read all about Billy Corgan take over of Lithium Radio here





  1. It seems possible to subscribe for a 30 days trial (online broadcasting), but I’m not sure.
    (As an european I am not very familiar with US satellite radios). Consequently I may not be able to hear the show which is too bad because with the time difference I would have been out of work on several occasions.

    In brief +1 for thefred’s request : May someone record the show please ?

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