Billy Corgan meets with host of 120 minutes.

Billy Corgan met with 120 minutes host Matt Pinfield for an interview in Kerry Brown’s studio today. Mr Pinfield tweeted the other day saying “Next stop on a plane monday for LA to work with Billy Corgan on the radio special for the reissues of Gish and Siamese Dream-3 discs each”. No information on when this interview will be broadcast, but we’ll make sure to keep you up to date as details come out.

UPDATE: One detail we have learned is it looks like Oceania will arrive in March.

We just found out that this interview should hit the radio airwaves around Nov. 18th across the USA and Canada.

UPDATE 2: This interview is set to be on the airways after the weekend. And then we will have a station list next week along with a link to soundcloud player of full interview.


  1. I can’t wait anymore to discover Oceania as a whole.
    Track-listing on SP albums has always been judicious and subtle. It is definitely a very interesting aspect of their art.

    I know someone who must certainly be too much of a perfectionnist.
    “Le mieux est l’ennemi du bien” as we say in french
    (which could be translated somehow by “Better is the ennemy of good” or “Better is the ennemy of the best” more likely).

  2. Dur de comprendre ce que ça veut dire. Je n’avais jamais entendu ce dicton.

    Mais je suis d’accord avec toi sur les tracklisting de SP. 🙂

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