Bill’s Corner: How do you feel the US tour went?

Photo by Elliott Dozier Now that the United States leg of the tour has come to an end, how do you feel it went?

Billy: I’m really pleased at how well the band played, and progressed throughout the tour. I thought the fans overall were fantastic, and really embraced the show we were playing. Plans are already being made to tour on Oceania in the states for next year. A great, and memorable tour that I’ll never forget.


  1. The two concerts I saw were amazing! My husband and I saw the Milwaukee and Chicago shows, and I couldn’t believe how awesome this group played together. Even my husband (who attended because I made him go) has been singing random lines from the songs since the concert. He was really impressed with the shows, and has a solid respect for SP now!

    I just hope SP can set up a few locations for the next tour in the Tennessee/Virginia/North Carolina area so I don’t have to fly 700 miles to see them again!

  2. weak ass question.
    every journalist in the world will ask him the same thing and he’ll give the same responses.

    dammit monte – ask him the geeky fan shit that you really wanna know about

  3. I have to agree with Zenith on this one Monte! You have the chance to ask Billy anything you want once a week and you asked this??? Ask him about Moonage Daydream!! 😀

  4. Maybe this is an easy question that any journalist could/would ask but it’s fair to think at this point that Billy’s answer to Monte could be more elaborate that his answer to “any” journalist. I think it was worth asking.

  5. Good to hear they will play the US again in 2012. This last setlist was perfect, but more oceania songs would be great too.

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