The Smashing Pumpkins make a surprise appearance at the SPRC meetup in DC

Fans attending the DC meetup were greeted with an extra treat today as Billy Corgan, Nicole Fiorentino & Mike Byrne showed up to the SPRC meet-up. The meetings in the past had consisted of talking about what fans wanted to see come out from the archive, along with what kind of items they actually like to buy.

UPDATE: Smashing Pumpkin fan Spaceboye emailed and told us the following about what happen at this meeting:

Billy showed up with Mike and Nicole.  Mostly he talked about the rereleases and the economic direction of the band.  He took questions from the crowd and someone worded a question just right that included asking about the final Metro show.  From what I understood about that is Billy doesnt want fans the cherry pick what they want from what he offers. He did say that he has rights to nearly all the backlog.  He talked about the limited scope of label execs back in the 90s and that the models they presented were on the right track but they didn’t quite get it.  Billy had tons to say about the ideas and motivations for the bands strategy for releasing live /demo/outtakes, etc..   They said that when the reissues come out and the files are provided at a 24 bit rate instead of the 16, there is a very noticeable difference in the quality and that people will be happy with it.  Kerry and Billy said not to listen to it on computer speakers but to get good speakers or good headphones.  Billy said that if a archive project cost $30,000 to put forth and they make $30,000.01, that he would be happy.  It’s not about the money but obviously they dont want to lose money.  A guy said that he has been to 30 or 40 shows or something and he asked why they played the same set every night and if they do that he is less likely to see them numerous times on the same tour.  While he has a point, Billy had a response.  He said that they tried to play different songs at different shows on the reunion tour and that didnt work.. then they tried to sprinkle in more hits on the next tour and it did worse.. I guess they are just trying to maximize efficiency and they are trying out different things.  

Watch the video of this SPRC meeting by reading more:

Part 1 and 2 provided Ben Leighty


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