Bill’s Corner: Whatever happened to the Puff Daddy remixes?

Before we get to the question, first the background.

Back during the Adore era on July 14th 1998, MTV reported that Puff Daddy was going do a remix of Ava Adore & Perfect. The Pumpkins were asked about it at while visiting Much Music on July 18th 1998 to which Billy said “he’s (Puff Daddy) a brilliant guy…his style of music is not necessarily the kind of music we listen to…but I respect what he’s doing musically.” They said the Puffy remix of “Ava Adore” would not be released anytime soon, but according to Billy, “it’s so unbelievably beautiful…it will prove all the doubters out there wrong about him.”

The Day after the Smashing Pumpkins played Crestfallen on VH1 (Oct 27th 1998) 3 versions of the Perfect remixes by Puff Daddy  were leaked and are now widely available on YouTube. However, there still has yet to be any known leak of the Ava Adore remix.

It’s rumored on SPFreaks that “Maybe this was ment to be a commercial release, but Virgin decided to destroy all acetates. Only 1 or a few survived.” During the Adore era, Puff Daddy was going to remix Perfect & Ava Adore and rumor has it that all the recordings were destroyed by Virgin Records. Is this true?

Billy: We’ve got it. No truth to the story. It’s actually really well done.

(note: i tried to find the original thread about the leak on netphoira but was unable to do so.)


  1. Another fantastic question… From Bill’s Corner to Friday Flashbacks, you really are doing a great job. Although I’ve got no idea how you remember about Puff Daddy remixes and unanswered questions about the writing of Disarm!

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