1. This interview made me smile so much. Great to hear positive things coming out of the band and positive feelings about the band. They deserve it so much. Cannot wait to hear Oceania in full and to see them play again. Roll on the London shows!

    Thanks Monte and thanks Billy! Love ‘Bill’s Corner’ every week, keep it up!

  2. Awesome! Interesting how he sees Steve Jobs as kind of a kindred spirit. Wonder if he is thinking of the pumpkins going on even without him someday like how apple is continuing on wout jobs? Glad everything is going relatively well in SP land despite the sad death of his friend.

  3. I’ll echo everyone, too. Great interview. There is a huge difference when the interviewer is actually someone who is connected to the band, rather than some dude at a magazine.

  4. yeah the interview was especially amazing when your cell phone went off in the middle of him speaking; pure class…

    im just kidding…

    good job thanks for posting

  5. Thanks for the interview! I’m happy that WPC feels comfortable with your setup and process so that us fans can get a good collaboration between the band and fan coverage at long last. This fact is just another positive sign that things are finally coming together for the SP organization once more.

  6. Monte! Thank you so much for delivering so much heart and passion to the fans! I am loving the updates! If I cant be there because of the band not coming to Dallas.. I feel like I am almost there 🙂
    Billy’s interview seems so heartfelt. Great questions and great answers.

  7. Thee Best interview of Billy Corgan by far, imho. Amazing job, man! Amazing! Congrats. I got so much out of it. I think Billy felt he could open up and articulate what he’s been saying all the time, but somehow it all felt so smooth and clear to understand EXACTLY what’s going on with him and the rest of the band. Awesome. I can’t say enough. This 16+ minute interview BLOWS AWAY all of the previous interviews I’ve ever read or heard. Wow. Just,… Wow.

  8. Happy Birthday Bjorn! Great interview, enjoyed hearing so much about the band and everyone involved. Nice! to see crowd reaction in latest you tube uploads. For Martha was a lovely surprise in the setlist, a really beautiful tribute.

    BTW Monty Billy looks like he’s having such a great time on the tour I’m surprised you didn’t ask why he’s bothering with the book. Just enjoy the tour Billy!

  9. awesome intereview! so glad you got the opportunity. i found his answers about each band member and how they balance the ship very interesting/intriguing – and whole-heartedly agree. They all seem like a great fit and I can’t say enough good things about them all. Truly gelin’.

    – Belteshazzar

  10. Hey great interview- thanks Monte and also thanks Billy for sharing.

    I get the sense from this interview that people are important, and their presence either here or departed affects us where we are at that moment

    – Jonk

  11. Great interview. The part when Billy was talking about his Mother broke me up. That is one area, unfortunately, we have in common. I thank him for writing ‘Adore” everytime I listen to it. I can’t wait for the show Friday night!! <3

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