Nicole talks to Bass Musician Magazine

Nicole tweeted earlier today that she spoke with Bass Musician Magazine.

In the lengthy interview, she talks about how she came to pick up the bass, and about her side project Cold & Lonely.

Nicole talked about working on new songs with Billy Corgan:

“Generally, Billy will come in with either a song idea or a well-constructed skeleton of a song and we will all jam on it for a while. Once we have all established basic parts we will record what we had and Billy will tinker with that for a while. Usually he will re-work it and we sort of keep tweaking the arrangement and the parts until it is where it’s supposed to be. It’s really great to have those moments where you’ve been working on a song for awhile and it finally just all comes together.”

She also spoke about some of her favorite songs to play live:

My Favorite songs to perform are Eye, Hummer, Geek U.S.A. (which we will play on the next tour), Stand inside your Love, Tristessa, Ava Adore, Astral Planes, and That’s the Way. I’m extremely excited to start playing songs from the new record on this tour because I will be playing my own parts! I feel really good about the work we’ve been doing these past 6 months—I’m like a proud mama.

She also talked about the difficulties that women experience in the music world:

It’s totally a boy’s world and I think it’s really easy to not be taken seriously as a woman. I get comments to this day, even as a professional musician, to the effect of “you are a really great female bass player”. I know people mean well, so I try not to take offense to it, but it’s kind of a backwards compliment and proves that we are still viewed as a separate entity….. I can only speak from my experience, but when it comes to equality within the music industry it’s still an uphill battle. That’s why I love programs like Rock Camp for Girls/Ladies. It’s all about women inspiring other women/girls to be self-confident and trusting and supporting one another. Lastly, I will say that it gives me great pride to know that because of my hard work and conviction I am being taken seriously in this male-oriented industry. I encourage other women to just keep working hard and remaining true to their passion.

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  1. Pardon my inappropriate language, but I swear to god, if they play Geek U.S.A. next year when they come to Canada, I’ll jerk it right in the middle of the crowd.

  2. Talk about some challenge for Mike though, whoa. I bet he can pull it off but that is utterly interesting!

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