Bill’s Corner: what surplus songs does Oceania have In the 90’s, it seemed that there were enormous amounts of recorded material to choose from for each album–much of the left-over material later came out in singles, box sets, etc. You’ve narrowed Oceania down to 13 songs. In this round, how much of the material that has been demoed or recorded properly do you envision releasing sooner rather than later?

Billy: There are, I believe, over 70 demos of released and unreleased songs. At least 15 of which are worth a release at some point that have Mark Tulin playing bass and Mikey playing drums. Still trying to figure out what to do with those. I would release way more stuff right now (like we used to) if the expectation level for the quality of material was anywhere near reality.


  1. I don’t expect super quaility.. for goodness sake, they’re demos. If those 15 are better quality and sound more clean or something, that’s good. but please, most of Sp listeners are willing to handle the other 55 demos, which are in a low quality etc.

  2. Hey Billy, anything you feel good about is good with me. Some of my favorite SP songs are rough demos. Execution is important, but creativity is king. I’d happily pay for all of the demos.

  3. Personally, I’d love to hear any version of any song- rough takes are even more endearing sometimes. I couldn’t give a SPRCrat’s ass about them being high quality. I’d rather hear them in whatever form they are in now than to never hear them at all. Heck, I’d give my eye teeth for some banged up Maxell that had been kicked around the studio floor even if it only had a few chords on it

    It always bugs me when people ask/demand “When are we going to see an official version of *fill in the blank* ?! I’m grateful that we get to hear as much as we do, and it’s up to the artist as to which songs get more studio attention than others. There are only so many hours in the day, and it sounds like everyone over there is working their butt off. It’s a shame Billy has to worry about people being critical of something unfinished rather than thanking him for taking the time to share it.

  4. Great question Monte.

    And lets not take Billy’s response out of context guys. He says “anywhere near reality,” and lets be real, Teargarden has been heavily criticized by fans on quality issues for whatever reason. I completely see where Billy is coming from and agree. Don’t get me wrong though, I would love to hear those demos but the few of us that would appreciate said demos does not really account for most of the SP population. It would be like “Owata” long version music video all over again….

  5. Hang on, does that mean he thinks the songs aren’t as good as people would expect? Or that expectations are so low there’s not much point as they’ll just be trashed?

  6. I took that comment to mean quality as in recording/production, not how good anyone thought the songs themselves were. That’s pretty subjective. Not to mention that it strikes me as odd that people would think any artist would have so little self confidence that they wouldn’t put songs out there for fear the fans wouldn’t “like” them. Maybe my interpretation isn’t right, but it makes more sense to me that he would have meant it that way.

  7. yeah 🙂 love it. But I still want to hear that demo take by BC 🙂 doesn’t matter if the sound quality isn’t good.

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