Oceania final track listing announced

Billy Corgan announced the Oceania track listing this morning on twittersaying, ” I’m really, really proud of the work we’ve done. Our hearts are on the line for sure. No cuts. 13 songs it will be.” he also said that “Oceania… (is) a unique collection of songs, unlike any prior SP record as a whole”

As of right now, we suspect that “Four Winds Chime” was renamed to “One Diamond, One Heart”, seeing as, last we heard, the backup vocals for “Four Winds Chime” were being recorded.

The album was track-listed with the boys from Madina Lake in the room. Their response to Oceania was that it was “bliss” and that “[the] Smashing Pumpkins [are] about to remind the world why they are the best. In no subtle fashion.” They went on to say, “Billy Corgan & the Smashing Pumpkins have created one of the best records this world will ever be gifted. ‘Oceania’ is stunning.”

Oceania’s running time is just over 60 minutes & the track list is as follows:

1. Quasar / Stella P and the People Mover

2. Panopticon

3. The Celestials

4. Violet Rays

5. My Love is Winter

6. One Diamond, One Heart

7. Pinwheels

8. Oceania

9. Pale Horse

10. The Chimera

11. Glissandra

12. Inkless

13. Wildflower


  1. I wonder if track number 1 is a two part song with Quasar leading into Stella P and the People Mover (like G&TGC), or if he just thought it needed two names. I imagine the former…

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