Billy is ready to knock out concussions

Billy attended a concussion prevention event, supporting Chicago Concussion Coalition — a new group made up of more than 20 organizations and individuals dedicated to protecting student athletes from concussions.

“I was a student athlete as well, and I know what it feels like for a coach to tell you to get back in there, even when you’re hurt,” Corgan said. “I was concussed many times as a child.”

In another article, Billy is quoted to have said, “might have been 20, it might have been 15, it might have been 40” playing youth baseball, basketball and football, although he never was diagnosed. He said he remembers getting knocked out by an inadvertent elbow to the face in a basketball game, but back then, blows to the head weren’t taken so seriously. Players just got their bell rung and were soon back in the game.

“There was no culture there to say, `Are you OK?’ ” said Corgan, who’s from the Chicago area and took up the guitar when he didn’t make those high school teams. “Getting your head hurt was like, that’s something you could overcome.”

UPDATE: A video has been posted on NBC Chicago’s website of Bill’y speach

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  1. What does Jeff get up to these days I wonder? Why not have a news story about his favorite coffee shop or something

  2. That is the worst picture of Billy I have ever seen. Except maybe that one with him playing basketball in 93 or so with his billy hanging out…

  3. Neither of those pictures are bad. The one of him playing basketball with was it the beastie boys? was hilariously adorable and this one just looks like normal Billy.

  4. Woah, dude. My wife is gorgeous, but she wouldn’t look good in that outfit either. No one would, man or woman.

    The guy writes great music. Doesn’t mean that he’s perfect in every picture.

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