New used Smashing Pumpkins equipment hits the ebay market

The synthesizer that very well could have been used to write the song “Crestfallen” has hit the ebay market today along with a silver painted marshall cabinet used during Mellon Collie. These items come with a certificate of authenticity and are in full working order. The last ebay auctions were unfruitful but have now been re-listed, this time without a reserve and higher starting prices (item 1 & 2).   But in other ebay news, there is a copy of the Cresfallen promo on ebay, and in honor of  Siamese Dream’s 18th birthday, there is a rare platinum award presented to Caroline Records in honor of Siamese Dream world sales (which I have never seen and doesn’t appear on awards page).

UPDATE: In addition to these items on sale there is a signed Teargarden by Kaleidyscope Volume II: The Solstice Bare on ebay for the The Grammy Foundation charity signed by Billy Corgan. So if you missed out on the chance to get a signed TBK Volume II that the Pumpkins had up for charity a few weeks back, here’s your chance.


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