1. I remember BC saying Bjorn was involved on the earlier Teargarden stuff…. would be great to see actual credits for the first ten songs. Does anyone know to what capacity Bjorn and Kerry Brown have contributed? It was clear that Vol. I seemed a coproduction of Billy and Kerry’s.

  2. Bjorn worked on Adore, both Machinas, Zwan’s Mary Star of the Sea, Corgan’s The Future Embrace, Zeitgeist. Probably first part of TbK, and now Oceania.

  3. Dunno man, Machina 1 is patchy at best, Machina 2 some great highlights, Future Embrace is bleurgh, Zwan they left out all the best songs from the album to make way for crap like “Baby lets rock” and Zeitgeist has a couple of listenable songs.

    Adore is a masterpiece (maybe not Annie Dog/Appels Oranjes)…

  4. @chaja
    yeah it’s a fake. it’s a song by a band called Dazai. I asked the band if they were the ones who posted the fake stuff, but they denied it, claiming that their listeners who also listen to SP might have done it.

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