“To Sheila” guitar returns to ebay

The guitar that was used in the recording of “To Sheila” has returned to ebay. The last time (that i can recall), it was on ebay was back in early April 2010 and didn’t meet the reserve at a final bid of $5,100 USD. The auction does leave out information, which in Billy’s confessions mentioned, ” the guitar won’t tune right, and every time I go to the d chord, the darn thing is out of tune”; maybe this has been fixed. A copy of Adore is included with the guitar as well as a certificate of authenticity  – both signed by Billy in 2010.
Also, on a separate ebay auction, is an Orange OR80 Tube Amplifier Head which was used by Billy Corgan in the studio on various Smashing Pumpkins recordings.

UPDATE:  WOW!! The guitar sold for EXACTLY the same amount that it originally highest bid was back in April 2010.


  1. How often do we get the opportunity to posess a recorded & storied instrument like this. Being a Pumpkins fan for decades, I’ll cherish it and the music it has made always.

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