1. I am very anxious to hear this song in particular. First, it is an awesome title, but, more importantly, Billy’s discussion of it has me intrigued. He stated that they “started playing it fast and heavy but it was just again, too obvious and didn’t really feel like SP, although all agreed it was a style issue, not a song issue.”

    I felt this same issue with some of the Teargarden songs (Fellowship, Lightning Strikes, Owata, and even Freak)… they are good songs – the problem with them is not the song, but the style. They seemed a little too straightforward (which I suspect might be what BC meant by “obvious”)… Spangled as well. This is why I like the liver version of some of these songs better — they are a little less “obvious.”

    Having said that, it appears (hopefully) Chimera and the rest of Oceania won’t have this problem. Really looking forward to September.

  2. I’ve learned to stop trying to judge songs I haven’t heard by billy’s descriptions. He’s said so many times in the past that this or that song or record is going to be revolutionary or huge or whatever. Better to take them as they come.

    As for that pic of Nicole. Looks like she has some serious hardware with her. Nice bass collection.

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