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Nov 26th:

HISTORY: Earphoria released / TAFH boxset released

Nov 21st:

PIC: Chicago History Makers: WPC on the Hubbard Street Mural Project – DvV

Nov 20th:

MISC: Jeff shares a one of his fav guitar / Jeff shows off some vintage style items he just got

HISTORY: 1991-2000 Greatest Hits DVD released

Nov 18th:

HISTORY: Happy Birthday to former touring keyboardist Lisa Harriton

Nov 17th:

MISC: Tommy Lee says working with SP was an honor

Nov 12th:

AUDIO: Jeff works with Ringo Deathstarr on new track

Nov 11th:

HISTORY: If All Goes Wrong was released / Thirty-Three single was released / Today in 1995 MCIS No. 1 US Album Chart – DvV

Nov 9th:

MISC: WPC selling Mayonnaise comp sheet to private bidders / Also selling setlist from SP + KISS show 10/31/98 / James Iha to DJ in LA on Nov 19

Nov 8th:

PIC: WPC spotting / JC with former touring drummer Kenny Aronoff

Nov 5th:

HISTORY: Lull released

MISC: Jeff shares a picture of a guitar he had fixed up / WPC may attend Strand of Oaks show Dec 4th @ the Metro

Nov 4th:

HISTORY: G.L.O.W. released

Nov 3rd:

MISC: See what Jeff is up to with Yamaha

RUMOR: Siddhartha issue + postcard books released before new album – DvV

Nov 2nd:

PICS: From the Madame Zuzu’s Halloween Event


Nov 1st:

NEWS: Jeff Schroeder is doing the music for CU music doc – DvV

Oct 31st:

PIC: WPC taking Polaroids of his attendees 

Oct 30th:

HISTORY: Greatest Hits (Rotten Apples) released

Oct 25th:

NEWS: WPC is selling PI outtake pictures for a bid

Oct 24th:

HISTORY: MCIS released in the USA 20 years ago

Oct 22nd:

VIDEO: RUN2ME music video

Oct 21st:


MISC: BWBW Parody – SL

Oct 18th:

VIDEO: Watch full set of Roger Water show w/ WPC 

Oct 17th:

VIDEO: WPC singing Comfortably Numb w/ Roger Waters / WPC singing Brian Damage w/ Roger Water / WPC w/ Roger Water singing Forever Young /WPC singing Wish You Were Here w/ Roger Waters

Oct 16th:

PIC: JC @ Start-Up

MISC: Mike Byrne and Nicole Fiorentino help out on new album for Sound is Lovv

Oct 15th:

MISC: People and their Car cups are now on sale

Oct 14th:

HISTORY: The Celestials / Inkless released

Oct 13th:

PIC: WPC at the Cubs

NEWS: RUN 2 Me music video has been finished, release date unknown.

OPINION: Is William Patrick Corgan jumping off another cliff by quitting Twitter? You better believe he is!

Oct 6th:


Oct 4th:

PIC: WPC and pals

Oct 3rd:

PIC: WPC at TNA Hall of Fame

Sept 30th:

NEWS: WPC to sell PI outtakes via P+C

HISTORY: Today single released

Sept 29th:

MISC: Sign up for WPC “RBC” Picture Club / WPC and flower

Sept 28th:

MISC: WPC artwork “PINKY”

Sept 26th:

MISC: he may still be @Billy but he is really WPC / postcards at Zuzu’s

Sept 25th:

PIC: WPC spotting @ Cubs game / WPC spotted on TV

Sept 24th:

MISC: Turntables with custom WPC lyrics on sale / SOLD OUT

HISTORY: Oceania 3D in NYC

Sept 23rd:

MISC: new picture quietly posted in “Wherefore” section of P+C

Sept 22nd:

PIC: JC Pumpkin

Sept 21st:

MISC: MM MCIS Mis-pressed / P+C “Parade”

Sept 20th:

PIC: Smiling WPC spotting / smiling again

BIZ: SP reportedly signed with UTA for touring and WPC “interests in fine art, literary and theater.”

MISC: P+C “Driveway”

Sept 19th:

MISC: P+C “In the Kitchen”

Sept 18th:

VIDEO: Vanna’s covers ZERO (with occasional lyrical changes) [WPC likes it]

MISC: P+C “Parking Lot”

Sept 17th:

MISC: P+C “The Fields”

Sept 16th:

PIC: WPC sighting / JC stage tonight

MISC: P+C “Pacific Coast Highway” / Another unique WPC art piece goes up for sale at Zuzu’s

Sept 15th:

MISC: P+C “In Search”

Sept 14th:

MISC: WPC opens new website / MM: Tonight Tonight music prop

Sept 13th:

PIC: JC goes to Bears game

MISC: See JC perform on Sept 16th in Chicago

Sept 12th:

VIDEO: Jeff and WPC playing at Highland Park Mayor event

MISC: Corgan offers artwork at Zuzu’s / Broken Heart lyric turntable at Zuzu’s

Sept 10th:

PIC: WPC spotting

Sept 8th:

MISC: WPC signs LPs for his teahouse / record store

Sept 7th:

HISTORY: Perfect single released on this day

Sept 4th:

PIC: WPC hanging out with Lenny Kravitz

MISC: WPC shares cat pic

Sept 2nd:

MISC: Cherub Rock lyric record played has been sold

Sept 1st:

MISC: MM Siamese Dream Lyric Sheet / Unique Cherub Rock LP Player for sale @ Zuzu’s

Aug 29th:

PICS: Ivory Tower (2, 3, 4)

Aug 28th:

MISC: DJ Ivory Tower returns to Zuzu’s this Saturday

Aug 26th:

NEWS: WPC fund raising for Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering via concert & dinner for $2700

PIC: James Iha and his dog (2) / JI helping out Palaye Royale

Aug 25th:

NEWS: See who is helping out on the new JCC album

PIC: James Iha helps Dreamers in studio

Aug 21st:

VIDEO: JC teases Tribute to Johnny on Seth Meyers! (13 mins in)

PICS: WPC and Mason @ Sirus XM event in Chicago

Aug 20th:

NEWS: JC tweets that they may tease Tribute to Johnny on Seth Meyers / CALX vocals done, Jeff is up next

VIDEO: JC teases Today w/ 8G band on Seth Meyers 13 mins in

PIC: JC / WPC and Jeff featured in Yamaha ad

Aug 19th:

VIDEO: JC tease Cherub Rock w/ 8G band on Seth Meyers 10 mins in

MISC: SPFreaks interview with Greg Sylvester

Aug 18th:

NEWS: WPC makes some changes to CALX, plans to do vocals tomorrow

VIDEO: JC guest drums on Seth Meyers

MISC: WPC cats get feed / MM French Machina Promo

Aug 17th:

NEWS: JC to be playing on Late Night

TWEET: WPC back to work

Aug 14th:

TWEET: WPC mood improves and plans to periscope when he returns to studio

PIC: Fan meets WPC

Aug 12th:

PIC: 2nd pic of Sister Corgan and MM

Aug 10th:

VIDEO: Sister Corgan and Manson perform together / Cincinnati VIP set + partial Q&A / HQ Michigan VIP


Aug 9th:

PERISCOPE: Nashville (archive)

Aug 8th:

MISC: WPC thanks fan on twitter for nice comment

Aug 7th:

VIDEO: Chicago VIP show + Soundcheck from VIP

AUDIO: Sirius interview with WPC & Manson

PERISCOPE Starry night (archive)

PIC: Sister Corgan and Manson / WPC, Manson & Chef Curtis Duffy

Aug 5th:

PERISCOPE: Michigan VIP (archive)

Aug 4th:

NEWS: Corgan visit to WMMR will be on today at 2pm EST / Run2Me video has no exact ready date

AUDIO & VIDEO: Listen to the WMMR interview and performance

VIDEO: JC talks about going music to tech / NY VIP

PIC: Run2Me tease / Jeff is ready to be next SP bass player / WPC at WMMR (more pics from WMMR session)

Aug 3rd:

PIC: WPC with his wrestling pals

MISC: unseen video footage from Yahoo Billy Corgan Incident cicra 2005 (REMOVED BY USER)

HISTORY: Free Tibet

July 31st:

TOUR: WPC & Manson to be on SirusXM at Noon EST on Aug 7th

MISC: JC sees U2 on day offJeff goes to U2 event too / What does JC likes & dislikes about touring again

July 30th:

MISC: Last night NJ show had separate 2 separate party crashers (DON’T ATTEMPT THIS AT ANY SHOW)

July 29th:

PERISCOPE: Holmdel VIP (archive)

VIDEO: Raleigh, NC show in full

HISTORY: Happy Birthday to Mike Garson

July 27th:

PIC: Fan with WPC

MISC: WPC won’t be reading fans tweets / JC pays respects to the passing of Vic Frith

July 26th:

HISTORY: Siamese Dream released

PIC: WPC gets a few records

July 25th:

PERISCOPE: Atlanta vip (archive)

July 24th:

PIC: Father Manson & Father Corgan / Wanna go for a ride?

VIDEO: Spaceboy from VIP Tampa

July 23rd:

INTERVIEW: WPC talks about the forthcoming Smashing Pumpkins album and how his band continues to evolve.


PIC: WPC and Grado

MISC: WPC talks about how he is hunted for autographers  WPC might be taking off time from the social media

July 22nd:

NEWS: WPC talks about how he got a recent song credit

VIDEO: VIP Red Rocks

July 20th:

NEWS: RUN2ME will be the next music video produced by Linda Strawberry (WPC chose the song while LS chose the concept)


MISC: How to get blocked by WPC, part 2, part 3, part 4 / TBK boxset idea “sorta” being consider / Spiteface & others one day may be played live / Alumni SP bass player Nicole will have new track on TV / WPC is open to working with Love again

July 19th:

PERISCOPE: Doug Bus To Austin (archive) / AUSTIN VIP (archive performance / archive Q&A)

PIC: WPC & JC reunite with a Frog 

MISC: 666 shirt is likely gone

July 18th:

PIC: Tourist WPC

July 17th:

VIDEO: partial footage of Jersey Shore VIP @ Dallas / Houston show in full 7/16/15 / 7/28/98 full show / 8/1/98 full show

PERISCOPE: THE POOL (archive) [issue during USA] / Mariachis! (archive) / RIVERWALK (archive)

MISC: What kind of our would WPC love to do / One day WPC may do songs based on indigenous colors 

July 15th:

TOUR: the Tour posters are here and being signed for VIP attendees

MISC: JC is honored to play drums by T. Lee / T. Lee feels he had big shoes to fill 

July 14th:


MISC: WPC gets a new writing credit with an R&B artist / future periscope to feature TBK discussion / WPC makes a social visit to the Perfecto mixer

July 13th:

VIDEO: Partial video of the VIP Q&A from LA / 7/6/96 in full

HISTORY: Cherub Rock single released

MISC: JC wishes Ringo a happy bday

July 12th:


NEWS: Don’t expect a Zwan reissue anytime soon (but someday?)

VIDEO: Phoenix VIP show

MISC: WPC to contact a mother to convey that SP show will be safe

July 11th:

NEWS: WPC talks about the future of SP / WPC reconfirms he will be doing drums for the new SP album

PERISCOPE: Phoenix VIP Q&A (archive)

July 10th:

TOUR: VIP Setlist for LA, audio for Concord, Ca show, Tour Merch online

PERISCOPE: The Wait (archive) / @LDAngeli has a message (archive) /SOUNDCHECK (archive)

MISC: SP music is supposedly sampled in new movie

July 8th:

VIDEO: VIP Concord, CA

PERISCOPE: BC storms the beach (archive)

PIC: JC view last nite

July 7th:

TOUR: VIP Setlist, Soundcheck, Setlist for Concord show, Merch

PERISCOPE: Consolation Prize (archive) / Concord show part 1 (archive), part 2 (archive)

July 6th:

TOUR: SP to play full set run through tonight / IF there is a Europe tour it will be to promote new SP album

PERISCOPE: Soundcheck aftermath (archive) / ...Better have my money (archive)

HISTORY: ZEITGEIST released on this day

MISC: WPC may do less interviews / Why you can’t find MSTOS in digital stores / MM Tarantula uncut 7″

July 5th:

Tour: 1st night of production rehearsals / Hints / Who opens? / Statement on questions /Jimmy’s office / JC heading to San Fran / No plans for LiveOne on this tour

WPC: camus or sartre? / huxley or orwell? / dostoevsky or kafka? /ginsberg or burroughs? / Last time WPC cried / favorite female musician /

Jimmy: Jimmy’s 3 Rush Song Recommendations

Misc: No Ravinia, so far / France may be in the future / Track of WPC’s father’s with WPC is unreleased / Tuning for 99 Floors / Plan to bring Glass back / Does WPC think we are nuts?

July 4th:

Misc: WPC wishes everyone a happy 4th / JC wishes us a happy 4th / WPC wishes fan and fan’s father happy 4th / Room with a view / On the road again / Doug’s supplies / Weak Signal / Wishes fan happy birthday / Doug’s feelings on weak signal / Tatiana Grace on SP practice / The Road (Details) / The road is hard / Kristin Burns photos of rehearsal / Box of Black Cats / WPC retweats fan’s shirt

July 3rd:

TOUR: SP VIP packages almost live / SP VIP Packages now available / Jessica Veronica at SP practice

MISC: Roadtrip tomorrow? / WPC’s Secret Meeting / WPC meets Disney Executive Producer, Director, Development

July 2nd:

TOUR: Meet Lawrence “Lozzy” Upton / SP’s End Times Tour VIP announcement tomorrow

MISC: BC signature acoustic guitar discussed

July 1st:

TOUR: WPC reveals another possible track to be played on tour / Don’t expect Zwan tracks on SP/Manson tour

WPC TWEETS/REPLIES: Wishes SP could play Snail This Time, Slunk / Consider to ask fans for “dream setlist”, thrilled about set w/ JC, Jeff & Jack / Appreciates fans who came to shows for hits, 2007-2012 was SP rebuild / During 07-12 SP might have ended, Enjoyed chatting with fans  Hopes the periscope today gave a vibe of things to come

PERISCOPE: rehearsal video of United States (archive)

June 30th:

NEWS: Yes. Zeitgeist and all album will eventually be reissued

PERISCOPE: Chat at practice (archive)

PICS: WPC + JC, JC on drums

TOUR: Expect to hear this track on the setlist for SP/Manson

MISC: Ginger visits SP rehearsals, WPC to post Periscope later today

June 29th:

TOUR: VIP for SP/Manson tour will be acoustic

PIC: WPC doing private performance for wrestling folk (pic 2, pic 3)

Misc: MM JC Drum Head, No warm up shows in Chi, don’t expect Zeitgeist era tracks on tour, wpc new cats are doing fine, audio Cardinal Rule

June 28th:

NEWS: JC feels humbled by those supporting him

WRESTLING: Periscope on taping PPV show (archive)/ WPC tweets on Slammiversary, 2, 3, 4, 5

June 27th:

NEWS: JC leaves Chicago for rehearsals in LA / WPC trying out an Instagram account WPC not sure if he’ll stay with it, reason 1, 2

PERISCOPE: WPC talks wrestling, plans for rehearsals, & a private show setlist (archive)

PIC: JC kit

MISC: Rock star clothing / WPC thanks supporting cast on InPlainsong tour

June 26th:

WRESTLING: WPC hopes to periscope today (although not all SP fans understand it)

MISC: Once again SP goes where promoters invite / WPC considering an Instagram account / WPC + Manson calibration very likely  / WPC asked Manson if he knew any drummers

June 25th:

PERISCOPE: WPC reflection on InPlainsong (archive) /VIP Minneapolis (archive)

MISC: WPC suggestions to Periscope / Buy WPC Beverly Hills home for almost 5 million

June 24th:

NEWS: WPC plans to start 2 music podcasts featuring new and obscure tracks / Vintage SP merch to make a come back

PERISCOPE: WPC comments on the return of JC (archive)

PIC: STL show

MISC: WPC discourse on music streaming part 3 (even more)/ WPC has ideas on how to improve periscope / SP has asked repeatedly to go to S. Africa

June 23rd:

NEWS: WPC to play in Washington DC for benefit concert w/ Roger Waters and more /

JC returns to SP for Manson tour!

PERISCOPE: On the road again w/ hungry Doug / WPC continues his discourse on music streaming / St Louis Soundcheck (audio archive) / WPC plays a sad song & teases spiteface (audio archive)

June 22nd:

VIDEO: semi complete VIP session from Tulsa / partial Des Moines VIP

MISC: MM, Muzzle Promo

June 21st:

NEWS: Jack Bates will play bass on Manson + SP tour / UK Tour not still unlikely / More In Plainsong type shows in the future is a possibility. / VIP for Manson + SP to be announced soon

PERISCOPE: On the Road Doug

PIC: Jeff & Doug / New shirt for WPC / Jeff / Doug

MISC: Happy Fathers day from WPC & happy solstice too / WPC helps out a fan

June 20

Thanks Tulsa

Photos: WPC + ukulele Stage  / WPC + Katie Cole

Periscope: ROADTRIP with DOUG

June 19

Woody Guthrie Museum /The Great One / PERFECTLY SAID /Thanks Lin at 93 XRT

June 18

Westinghouse Studio One: The Laugh Maker / Thanks to Indianapolis / Short acoustic tour Plan


DJ Ivory Tower Key Chains

June 17

Metal heads / Thanks Pittsburg

Photos: Old National Centrer / WPC + Jeff

Wrestling: Orlando TV Ratings / WPC requests Impact Reviews

June 16th:

PERISCOPE (requires app when not live): On the road to PA

AUDIO: interview with JC

June 15th:

PERISCOPE (requires app when not live): Soundcheck / Jeff / Lozzy + WPC /VIP 1 / VIP 2Buffalo show part 1 / Buffalo show part 2 / part 3 (last song is called Cardinal Rule)

PIC: InPlainsong Merch

June 14th:

VIDEO: WPC 1st periscope broadcast 

NEWS: WPC tweets that SP might stream tomorrow’s soundcheck / WPC to do periscope tonight 

MISC: SP tatt / SP fans results on setlist disclosure / SP headed to Buffalo / Who is WPC  rooting for in the NBA finals / Don’t expect WPC to open the chat in periscope

WRESTLING: WPC interview audio

June 13th:

MISC: WPC laughs politely to Ginger joke about returning to SP / Katie has a good rehearsal with SP

MISC VIDEO: What you can expect if u see SP in Buffalo (part 2)

June 12th:

NEWS: WPC explain that the SP lineup is dynamic part 2

MISC: WPC enjoying a RUSH concert / Ginger Pooley jokes about returning to SP

June 11th:

NEWS: Vote for if you think SP should reveal In Plainsong setlist early (see right bar)

PIC: Jeff’s shiny new guitar finish / WPC drops off records for sale

MISC: WPC pays tribute to Ornette Coleman

WPC WRESTLING TWEET: Wrestling shirts / RIP Dusty Rhodes (additional tribute)

June 10th:


NEWS: SP next album done w/ basic, just vocals + overdubs to be done post tour

PIC: Adore era pics of Iha and D’arcy

MISC: WPC continues his discourse on digital music streaming / turns 16 / WPC new kittens health records released

WPC WRESTLING: WPC asking for feedback from tonight’s  TNA Impact

June 9th:

NEWS: Drum + Bass for the upcoming SP InPlainsong tour (Drummer for Summer too)

PICS: WPC adopts 2 little ones (healthy kitties) / Has WPC been brushing?

MISC: WPC has 4 girls living with him / JC what is truth / how WPC feels / WPC co-worker calls it “rat in a cage” / To Sheila, For Martha, Run2Me, 1979, Behold! The Night Mare, and Pug appear to be on the upcoming setlist (pic taken down but up here)

June 8th:

VIDEO: WPC explains what makes a good live setlist

PIC: WPC attends Blackhawk game w/ Peter Katsis & Tommy Lipnick / James Iha writing songs  w/ Dreamers

MISC: Win tickets for the STL show June 23rd / WPC tweets compainsion / fake “signed” guitar / WPC rule on signing guitars (follow up 1, follow up 2) / Memorabilia Monday/ JC stamps for “performance rights” again / JC to be a judge at Hack-A-Thon on Saturday in Chicago


June 7th:

MISC: WPC gives a discourse about streaming music via twitter

June 6th:

NEWS: In Plainsong setlist is up to 28 possible songs / WPC appreciate recent support

June 5th:

NEWS: Rolling Stone talks to WPC about the upcoming Manson + SP tour5 part tweet add-on from WPC

TOUR: Get 5 of your friends to go to see SP + Manson for $66 plus fees

June 4th:

NEWS: WPC calls the new album 1st break through since Adore / WPC ask for your recommendation for Adore suite for In Plainsong setlist using #ADORESP (see what is being suggested) / Behold the Nightmare added to In Plainsong setlist

PIC: WPC at In Plainsong Rehearsal 

WRESTLING: WPC audio interview with VInce Russo (Video part 1)

June 3rd:

NEWS: VIP info for In Plainsong / WPC is picking through song lists for In Plainsong tour

VIDEO: WPC playing Today acoustically 

MISC: SP popularity on YouTube

WRESTLING: WPC talked with Vince Russo’s The Brand / WPC to be on a Dixie Carter reality episode?

June 2nd:

NEWS: WPC says SP will play tracks live that he had never played live before during in Plainsong tour (list of songs never played live)

HISTORY: The End Is the Beginning is the EndLyric / Adore released in the US

June 1st:

NEWS: Rehearsals for the in Plainsong Tour starts today / VIP for in Plainsong to go on sale soon / VIP will feature tracks from Gish/SD

MISC: Memorabilia Monday

May 30th:

PICS: JC playing last night at Green Mill

HISTORY: Adore was released 

WRESTLING: WPC talks about  VETS with wrestlers

May 29th:

VIDEO: WPC playing Perfect

NEWS: WPC to review all 10 songs for new album / consider the sound of the new album to be progressive / New album will be the last “Hello”  / all 10 basic tracks for the new album are done / after hearing 5 tracks WPC calls it “pretty different”

MISC: Cover of the Week to retire Aug 1st


May 28th:

NEWS: Almost done w/ the last track of the next album

HISTORY: Gish was released 24 years ago (wpc comments / jc comments)

MISC: WPC at Blackhawk game w/ puck, Four Year Strong to cover BWBW

WPC WRESTLING TWEETS: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

May 27th:

PIC: JC drumming for snake drums

May 26th:

VIDEO: WPC thanks vets, troops & those who sacrificed their lives / Video of WPC & Jeff playing SIYL & talking about helping vets

NEWS: SP still working on X’s/O’s / WPC reveals that the setlist for the Plainsong tour will feature 26 or more songs / Will WPC be the next drummer for SP 

MISC: Where do WPC & Manson dine when out on the town in Chicago / MM tuesday shows off Gish Basement tape

May 25th:

VIDEO: Smashing Pumpkins perform Drum + Fife @ National Memorial Day Parade (39:30)

PICS: WPC & Jeff w/ fan at NMDP / WPC with the troops / Soundcheck  / Performance? pic (not D+F), pic 2 / D+F performance pic, pic 2, pic 3 pic 4 / WPC with his wrestling buddies / WPC singing D+F / Awesome pic of WPC & Jeff

INTERVIEW: JC interview 

MISC: WPC wishes everyone a happy Memorial DaySP played 2 or 3 tracks / says SP played two tracks

HISTORY: turns 4 years old

May 24th:

NEWS: WPC confirms that 3 songs will be played on Monday’s NMDP in DC

PIC: WPC arrives in DC

May 23rd:

VIDEO: WPC playing Dorian

MERCH: New DJ Ivory Tower Keychain available in store @ Zuzu’s


May 22nd:

NEWS: One last track for new album starting work on today / WPC expects a new single to be ready from the new Smashing Pumpkins album, by the end of the year

HISTORY: On this day the Smashing Pumpkins returned to the stage for the first time in 7 years


May 21st:

NEWS: Smashing Pumpkins to perform at Memorial Day

HISTORY: Tarantula single released on this date / Happy Birthday to Matt Walker

MISC: Order $130 special edition tasting box prepared by WPC from FarmToFood and you may get a special bonus from WPC / AUS band teases 1979 during a cover on Triple J

WPC WRESTLING TWEET: 1, 2 (article on tweet 1 & 2)

May 20th:

MISC: WPC to be in DC for Memorial Day (SP to participate)

WRESTLING: WPC been cooking with his new boss / excited for the the future of TNA

May 19th:

MISC: Memorabilia Monday (tuesday) Ava Adore / SP tech Mike Oor talks about modifying guitars & amps

May 18th:

PIC: WPC and Manson @ press conference, All Access pass from Press Conf.

NEWS: SP + Manson to possibly play Girls Just Want to Have Fun during tour (video) / WPC most personal song is ‘Disarm’ (video). Manson heard MCIS disc 1 only for a long time (video).

MISC: SP Merch returns to Zuzu’s website

REMINDER: WPC to have a video streaming Q&A with Manson tonight in Chi town


May 15th:

NEWS: WPC & Manson to do a Q&A in Chicago on Monday, May 18th

MISC: WPC says his peace for the late BB King & JC does too / random LPs will be signed from SP merch sale

WPC WRESTLING TWEETS: “best booked things you’ll see on TV

May 14th:

NEWS: SP back in studio working on their  NOT last album b/c SP may never die

MISC: 72 hr SP Merch sale at Zuzu’s

May 13th:

NEWS: Billy’s teahouse to sell SP merch online tomorrow (ONLINE ONLY) / starts at 9am CST); merch including t-shirts, LPs and posters, including signed merch

MISC: 93XRT Chicago to play rare SP record / Geek USA played at NY Ranger playoff game

WPC WRESTLING TWEETS: The Iron Sheik (IS reply) / praise to fellow enthusiast  / Good Old Pre-Wrestling match interview

May 12th:

NEWS: WPC working on fresh setlist for in Plainsong tour / EX COPS to open for SP during Plainsong tour

MISC: #SPMemorabilia / WPC says a tra la to Courtney Love

WRESTLING: WPC tweets about the hard work put in for his new job, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 / WPC replies to fans about wrestling, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 / WPC new boss talks about him with Steve Austin

May 11th:

PIC: Drum + Fife promo drum

NEWS: James Iha to score music for a kid show

MISC: Memorabilia Monday BWBW art

WRESTLING: WPC wrestling based tweet , 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

May 10th:

MISC: WPC wishes a Happy Mothers Day to his departed mother, as well to all mothers / JC wishes a happy mother day

May 9th:

PIC: WPC with TNA boss, Dixie

WRESTLING: WPC to be on Total Wrestling Show

May 8th:

MISC: WPC twitter name now say William Corgan rather than Billy Corgan still using @Billy handel

WRESTLING: WPC talks to Jim Ross for Fox Sports 

May 7th:

PIC: JC drum set

MISC: WPC congrats Cub manager for calling out umps

May 6th:

VIDEO: WPC at National Concert Day (3:24)

NEWS: WPC doesn’t even remember the Daphne Descends promo / Press Release about Easter Seals Dixon Center & SP on tour / RollingStone reports on SP Vets efforts

PIC: WPC with members of Lifeouse

WRESTLING: WPC on with Jericho podcast 14:30

May 5th:

VIDEO: WPC on MSNBC talks about his work with Veterans / WPC says music business run by feckless idiots / WPC talks to the Associated Press about helping Vets

PIC: WPC down on Wall Street / WPC at the NYSE / WPC with at MSNBC (another) / WPC on MSNBC / WPC signing fruit at the NYSE / WPC before on MSNBC / WPC at National Concert Day event in NYC pic 2 pic 3 pic 4 / 1984 / WPC and CNBC anchor / WPC with fan, pic 2

WRESTLING: WPC to be in FL this weekend for the wrestling event as well as media calls later this week

May 4th:

NEWS: Basics of a new track have been finished

MISC: WPC express thanks as he is enjoying the genius of a new synth 

May 3rd:

PIC: WPC at b-day party at Zuzu’s

MISC: WPC shares a story with a funny bit about a former touring musician playing w/ SP / Got a toddler? Target is selling SP shirts just for them

May 2nd:

NEWS: Busy WPC still working on memoirs plus 10hrs of studio & working on wrestling

May 1st:

TOUR: Billy Corgan will be making an appearance in NYC on May 5th

HISTORY: Happy Birthday to D’arcy

April 30th:

NEWS: SP is hustling on new track

MISC: WPC applauds Blackhawk player

April 28th:

NEWS: 5 tracks done for next SP album

VIDEO: Fan shares his SP Vinyl Collection (in French)

WRESTLING: WPC shares a “recent” purchase, of a collection from  Chicago promoter Bob Luce w/ 9k pics, which he hopes to share on the web, along with other wrestlers in their absolute prime / Possible showing at Zuzu’s (hint from a RT) & confirmed now

April 27th:

VIDEO: Watch Rock Icon episode online of Billy Corgan / WPC talks about joining Impact Wrestling

NEWS: WPC returns to wrestling scene with Impact Wrestling / It will be a “full-time endeavor” / WPC is trending on twitter because of the big wrestling news

MISC: WPC wishes happy birthday to KISS guitar player / WPC plans to bring former wrestler back to the ring / Memorabilia Monday: Golden Gish

April 26th:

PIC: WPC with wrestler Nattie

MISC: WPC KōanWPC happy with the vision of ZuZu’s coming to fruition

April 24th:

CONTEST: Win tickets SP/Manson show in Michigan

NEWS: Billy using keyboard from MCIS/Adore sessions on newest track

PIC: JC at new drum set / WPC and Cubs fan

TWEETS: WPC happy about sales of tickets for acoustic shows / WPC loves Robin Trower new album

HISTORY: On this date D’arcy played her last show with SP

April 23rd:

VIDEO: Drum + Fife on VH1 Big Morning Buzz / NEW Sneak Peaks from Rock Icons episode about WPC

NEWS: Smashing Pumpkins to be on VH1 Big Morning Buzz today / Possible VIP show for acoustic tour w/ Gish era set

TOUR: Nashville show added to SP/Manson tour for Aug 9th

HISTORY: ZERO single released

April 22nd:

NEWS: Acoustic-Electro shows to have a special Adore suite in the setlist

HISTORY: Former SP bassist Ginger Reyes-Pooley birthday is today

April 21st:

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: A Q&A with WPC about the Smashing Pumpkins Acoustic-Electro tour

TOUR: Smashing Pumpkins have 4 new tour dates in mid-west called “In Plainsong – An Acoustic-Electro Evening” pre-sale starts Friday / Munhall, PA will have the a show as well / 6th date in KC, MO June 22nd / 7th show June 15th in Tonawanda NY / 8th and finally show Tulsa, OK 

VIDEO: Sneak Peak of Billy Corgan on Rock Icon episode


NEWS: Official Press release about SP acoustic tour

April 20th:

NEWS: 4 tracks of 10 are done for new SP album plus, 2 new titles

MISC: Memorabilia Monday “I Am One”

April 19th:

MISC: WPC comments on Chicago Bull star road he traveled to return

April 18th:

VIDEO: What does WPC think of Kris Bryant

PIC: JC at Lake FX Chicago

MISC: The DJ Ivory Tower keychain now available online (out of stock)

April 17th:


ON THIS DATE: Widow Wake My Mind/Song For A Son & Astral Planes/A Stitch in Time 7″ released

MISC: Frank Catalano talks about working with JC

April 16th:

TOUR: See Jimmy with Frank Catalano the next 3 Andy Jazz Club shows

TRIBUTE: Watch the Mellon Collie Tribute Show in full

April 15th:

NEWS: WPC to be feature on Rock Icons on VH1 April 25th 10pm

April 14th:

NEWS: 3rd track for the next SP album has a name

PIC: Iha in Japan

April 13th:

NEWS: WPC tweets 2 tracks are nearly complete with goal to be done w/ new album before soon to be announced acoustic tour

April 12th:

VIDEO: Where do i go for SP / Manson tickets? / WPC said he might start a new wrestling business in The After Show(2:07)

April 11th:

TRIBUTE: Tribute show Thirty-Three / Tonight, Tonight tribute / Infinite Sadness clip / Stumbleine / Thru the Eyes of Ruby

April 10th:

VIDEO: WPC talks with Bloomberg about streaming music and more

NEWS: 1 song down possible 9 more to go for the next SP album

PIC: JI at recent show

April 9th:

PIC: WPC and Jeff plays a private charity show

MISC: Buy JC house

April 8th:

TRIBUTE: Mellon Collie unplugged: 20 years of Infinite Sadness TONIGHT in San Francisco (pic 1, pic 2, pic 3, pic 4, pic 5, setlist, video We Only Come Out at Night )

PIC: Jimmy and Billy side by side

April 7th:

NEWS: SP back in studio for 8 weeks / New album name still surrounded in mystery / Former SP bassist to have interview with SPFreaks

MYSTERY: Drum + Fife promo has unannounced or canceled Nashville show listed

BIRTHDAY: Happy Birthday to former SP bassist Nicole

April 6th:

NEWS: WPC  says they will be doing acoustic shows before Manson Tour! 

VIDEO: WPC talks to Fusion about Monuments to An Elegy

PIC: Iha hits Japan for upcoming show / WPC with other Cub fans

TOUR: Concord, CA show selling “Fast Lane” tickets to “skip the line

April 5th:

VIDEO: Watching WPC on That Metal Show 

HISTORY: Digital box set “Rarities and B-Sides” was released 10 years ago

April 4th:

VIDEO: Hear WPC funny fitness secret and his real age / That Metal Show Extra w/ WPC 

April 3rd:

MCIS TRIBUTE: Podcast on the upcoming fan MCIS tribute along with interview with SPFreak contruibuter Geo

VIDEO: Smashing Pumpkins on The Tonight Show / WPC & Jeff on GMA

PIC: WPC & Clark the Cub / WPC with the Nationals mascot / WPC with all the attending MLB mascots / WPC with A’s mascot / WPC with Fusion editor and producer (pic 2) / Pics backstage at JF

NEWS: WPC returns to his Teahouse to spin tunes tomorrow / WPC and Manson hold a surprise Reddit Q&A / WPC says they will be doing VIP shows / SP will be the closing act / Machina reissue held up by label dispute / WPC thinks the TEOT tour will lead to more touring offers / Will Manson & SP playing Eye together /

April 2nd:

TOUR: Get tickets using presale code ENDTIMES OR Monuments OR MARILYN / Special sale price going on via Groupon

PIC: WPC backstage with Catherine Townsend, WPC in DC, WPC with fan

April 1st:

NEWS: WPC to be on That Metal Show on Saturday, Jimmy to be part of 93XRT Cub’s Opening Night broadcast

MISC: James Iha Apr Fools joke

PIC: WPC with Veterans Services group / 2nd pic


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