How to keep up with the latest Smashing Pumpkins and related news

After considering many factors I have chosen not to fully reestablish instead I want to give you the tools to keep on top of things.

In order of most useful. Last updated 1/8/2018

William Patrick Corgan Instagram Account (The only social media WPC currently uses)

Google News Search (one of my most used tools)

Jimmy Chamberlin Instagram Account

James Iha Instagram Account

YouTube video Search (This is also found lots of the Covers of the Week)

Smashing Pumpkins official site

James Iha official site (recently updated)

William Patrick Corgan official Facebook

Smashing Pumpkins official twitter

Smashing Pumpkins official Facebook

William Patrick Corgan official twitter (currently not managed by the man himself)



Chloe Mendel Instagram

Linda Strawberry Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Howard Willing Instagram

Jeff Schroeder Instagram

NWA  YouTube Twitter Facebook Instagram